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Australian Catholic University

“We have developed a wireless physical activity monitoring system to collect physical activity measures and provide seamless feedback in ‘group exercise’ settings. Collecting physical activity data from large groups of individuals in a ‘group exercise’ setting is a logistical challenge, and providing group and individual feedback in a reasonable timeframe is difficult. We have designed a system that can be used in school physical education settings. The bespoke class physical activity monitoring system allows a teacher to measure physical activity in up to 25 individual students at a time. Each student wears a SmartLAB® move+ accelerometer which communicates with a custom designed mobile device application (app) to provide group and individual feedback on the amount of physical activity achieved during the lesson. The accelerometers and proprietary mobile device app operate on an ANT+ wireless sensor network which has the advantage of taking only a few seconds to connect and upload data from up to 25 individual accelerometers to the mobile device at the end of a lesson. In a classroom setting, providing the teacher with feedback about how much physical activity is achieved by individuals and the group during the lesson could play an important role In helping to increase physical activity in school children.” – ACU

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