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Connected health

Are you in possession of a software and you want to connect reliable diagnostic products to collect and evaluate vital data? Or do you need a complete solution that includes not only measuring systems, but also gateway and portal? Then you are exactly right with us.

We offer comprehensive solutions that can be customized according to your wishes.

Our offer


Our portfolio offers different measuring devices, suitable gateways as well as complete solutions, which contain additional portals, where you can show, administer and analyze data.

Our Diagnostics-Devices

Our smartLAB family includes a wide range of different measuring devices that can collect vital data and transmit these to a receiver via integrated data transmission. Diagnostic products include blood glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, pedometer and body analysis scales. (Pictures and presentation of individual products) Some of our customers have already integrated our smartLAB products into their own systems and applications.

hLine Devices

Our Gateway solution

There are several gateway solutions that allow you to transfer the measured values ​​to your system or to one of our complete solutions. The stationary solution, which is ideal in environments without a PC and Internet connection, is the hFon collect home. The hFon collect home is a data transmitter that simply plugs into the user’s socket. Data is received automatically after measurement ​​and then send to a cloud service or server. The user does not need his own Internet connection or smartphone and can measure his values ​​as usual and does not have to deal with modern technologies. This solution is ideal for people who do not have their own PC or Internet connection in their home. The hFon collect home can also be used in homes or other facilities. Other transmission options are available for example with your own smartphone with the hLine App or fitmefit move App as well as with your own PC with our hLine Gateway. We can also assist in developing an own gateway solution.

hLine Gateways


Depending on your needs, we offer two different portals that are integrated in our complete solutions:


The hLine-Online.com portal offers a variety of different functions. As this portal also displays blood glucose and blood pressure vital data, it is mainly used in healthcare. More information can be found at www.hLine-Onlin.com


fitmefit.com is a movement motivational portal that can record and process steps and weight data. It also serves as a social community in which mutual support is provided to users. More here

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