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I own a software!

If you have a software that allows you to collect vital data, but does not yet have suitable products and transmission units, hLine is the solution for you.

hLine includes various measuring systems with data transmission technology as well as data collection units that can receive and forward the measured values.

As a data collection unit we recommend the hFon collect home. This data collection unit can be used flexibly, has a large range with a high data reception option and can be connected to various systems and cloud services. Data is received via ANT or Bluetooth. The data are sent via GSM. The hFon collect home is connected directly to the socket and thus supplied with power.

I have an idea for a new project!

If you have a project idea that includes data collection of activity or vital data, as well as its transmission and insight, we are happy to assist you in implementing this project.

As part of hLine, we also offer our customers support in the development of their own applications. We have already developed apps for some of our satisfied customers, which they have connected to their own server in order to collect and evaluate data.


What we offer:

  • A customizable system to connect to your own software
  • Development or support in the development of a suitable software / applications
  • Support in connecting the devices and gateways to your system

Your advantages:

  • Open System with flexible use possibility/ Flexibly adaptable to existing infrastructures
  • Customizable with own software
  • Data is transmitted and stored on your own server
  • Devices can be automatically and centrally setup by the provider
  • Decide for yourself how you want to use and implement hLine

We are happy to advise you individually and decide together which solution suits you best.

Contact us today!

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