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hLine-Online.com is a complete solution for retirement homes, nursing homes and other social services.

The hLine-Online.com telemonitoring system is a complete system including devices, data transmitters as well as a portal, which can show and store all necessary information.

The principle of telemedicine, in simple terms, is to care for patients over certain distances. This can be done via different channels. Depending on the patient’s condition, measured values can be monitored, medication can be controlled and, in general, an overview of the current state of health can be obtained.

Monitoring of different chronical illnesses

Among other things, the hLine-Online.com system can monitor diabetes, hypertension and heart failure. The determination of the measured values is made possible by smartLAB devices from different areas. The smartLAB family includes blood glucose meters, blood pressure monitors and scales equipped with data transmission technology. The handling of these devices does not differ from other products and therefore does not mean a change for the patient. He can measure his values as usual. The data transfer is automatic, without the patient or supervisor having to have further technical knowledge.

Data, which are automatically sent after each measurement, will be received by a data collection unit. This data transmitter – the hFon collect home – is located in the room of the respective patient in the socket. As soon as the data is sent, it will be received by the hFon collect home and sent via a SIM card to the hLine-Online.com portal. Here, the data is assigned to the respective patient and can be viewed at any time.

Through the hLine-Online.com portal, supervisors/mentors or relatives can now get an overview of the state of health of the patient at any time. Relatives can also inform the nursing staff if irregular values occur.

What we offer:

  • Fast and easy data collection
  • Automatic adjustment system
  • Data controll even over distances
  • Monitoring of various chronic diseases, including diabetes, hypertension and heart failure

Your Advantages:

  • No change of habits for patients / relatives necessary
  • Overview of current measured values and information system for irregular values
  • Suitable for nursing staff and relatives
  • Easy implementation in every household / home
  • No internet connection or PC for data collection required

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