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The trend towards less and less exercise is evident not only for adults, but also fo children and adolescents.

With fitmefit active we have developed a solution that should lead to more exercise on daily bases. The program can be used in schools, companies and groups.


Fitmefit Active – Movement-Progamm for schools, companies and activity groups

Fitmefit active is a movement program that enables to collect activity data, such as steps, and then send to a cloud. Special feature is the mass data collection within a few seconds by the hFon collect home – a data collection unit, which is placed centrally at entrances or residence points.

The data can be viewed and managed in a portal, which can be used not only for data collection but also as a social network within the group. Each user has their own profile, which is also managed individually. The users are created by the administrator, who has full responsibility for the entrances of the participants as well as group formations.

By documenting the data within classes or departments, it is possible to design motivational programs that encourage employees / students to engage more activity in their everyday lives.

Increase the motivation, concentration and dedication of your employees or students through more exercise in everyday life.

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